Digital Ad Investments in Turkey Grew by 20,5 %, Completing 2014 With 1.409 Million TL!


IAB Turkey AdEx-TR 2014 Report reveals that, digital ad investments in Turkey in 2014 reached 1.409 million TL with a 20,5% growth.According to IAB Turkey, the biggest growth is observed in mobile display category as 57.7 % and in video category as 44.9 % compared to 2013 figures.

The total display advertising investments reached 520 million TL and the highest share in display advertising has been recorded as ‘advertising based on display/click” sub-category with 353 million TL. Performances of the rest of the display sub-categories are as follows:

 Video investments reached 101 million TL

 Sponsorship investments reached 40 million TL

 Affiliate marketing figures reached 27 million TL.


In 2014, the biggest growing categories compared to 2013 were mobile (57.7 %) and video (44.9 %). Search engine advertising investments hit 733 million TL. The other breakdowns of search category performed as follows:

 ‘Keyword based advertising investments’ hit 492 million TL,

 “Search engine ad network performance advertising” hit 241 million TL.


The report shows that mobile ad investments have become 58 million TL total value in 2014. Under this category; mobile display advertising reached 26 million TL, and mobile opt-in SMS/MMS investments reached 32 million TL.


According to IAB Turkey 2014, Classified & Directories reached 84 million TL, while E-mail and in-game advertising investments were recorded as both 6 million TL total values in 2014.




Million TL

Total Digital Advertising Investments



Display Advertising Investments


Advertising based on Display/Click






Affiliate marketing



Search Advertising Investments


Keyword based advertising


Search engine ad network performance advertising



Mobile Advertising Investments


Mobile advertising display


Mobil opt-in SMS/MMS



Classified & Directories





E-mail marketing


In-game advertising


All figures represent estimated values by IAB Turkey. Creative executions, CRM works and SEO investments are excluded.


IAB Turkey’s new Chairman Dr. Mahmut Kurşun has shared his thoughts on industry’s current situation: “PwC Global Entertainment and Media Outlook report foresees that between the years 2013-2018, global advertising industry will grow up from $515 billion to $640 billion with a 4.4% CAGR. Likewise, expected CAGR of Internet is 10.7% which is 2.4 times above the average. When Turkey’s last 3 year figures are examined, we come up with the same ratio. In other words, digital industry grows more than twice of the market’s average. I expect that this trend will continue and digital’s market share will grow up to 23-24%, which is currently 18-20%.”


Mr. Kurşun concluded by indicating, “2015 Elections in Turkey will increase the dynamism in the market. On the other hand; I believe that ‘Information and Communication Technology Aided Innovative Solutions, Internet Entrepreneurship and E-Trade’ agendas under Ministry of Development’s 2015-18 Information Society and Action Plan; will bring positive outcomes for digital industry.”


*1€ = 2.84 TL / 1$ = 2.60 TL (27.03.2015)