Turkey 2015 First Half Digital Ad Investments Press Release

IAB Turkey AdEx-TR 2015 First Half Report reveals that, Digital ad investments in Turkey grew reached 789.3 million TL with a 21.3% growth. Comparing to the figures of same period in last year; the biggest growth observed in mobile display category as 69.9% and in video category as 43.3%.


This year, programmatic and social media investments were also analyzed in scope of the research. According to results; programmatic ad investments has been recorded as 30.7 million TL and social media investments as 99.5 million TL.


The total display advertising investments reached 295.7 million TL in 2015 first half and the highest share in display advertising has been recorded in display/click sub-category with 198.5 million TL. Performances of the rest of the display sub-categories are as follows:

• Video investments reached 61.1 million TL

• Sponsorship investments reached 20.8 million TL

• Affiliate marketing figures reached 15.4 million TL.

In 2015 first half, the biggest growing categories compared to the same period in 2014 were mobile (69.9 %) and video (43.3 %). Search engine advertising investments hit 413.9 million TL. The breakdowns of search category performed as follows: 

• ‘Keyword based advertising investments’ hit 269.8 million TL, 

• “Search engine ad network performance advertising” hit 144.1 million TL. 


The report shows that mobile ad investments have become 32,8 million TL total value in 2015 half year. Under this category; mobile display advertising reached 16.8 million TL, and mobile opt-in SMS/MMS investments reached 16.1 million TL. 


According to IAB Turkey’s report, Classified & Directories had 40.1 million TL total value in 2015 first 6 months. E-mail ad investments were declined by 11.5 % and completed the year with 2.9 million TL due to effect of the Law on Regulation of Electronic Commerce. Ingame advertising investments hit 3.8 million TL.

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